Victoria Schwaner is a UX Design Consultant who transplanted to Oklahoma City, OK and started as a UX Designer at a software development firm named Clevyr.

Previously, she was a UX Designer at Perceptronics Solutions and a part-time UX instructor at General Assembly in Washington, D.C.

As a Maryland native, she grew up on the Chesapeake Bay and her childhood was plagued by the inevitable jellyfish season. Every summer she would get stung and the next summer she would still jump in the Bay and get stung yet again. With meat tenderizer on hand (the papain enzyme breaks down the proteins from the sting), the sting was easier to bear and the jump was worth it!

This story directly relates to Victoria's work ethic. She is willing to jump in and make a splash! She knows how to pick herself back up whether it's a jellyfish or a roadblock on a project and craft creative solutions, such as the meat tenderizer. Her positive mentality brings light to every team and makes her an asset to any project. Despite this, she's no softy. She'll call out an issue if she sees one and will provide valuable, constructive feedback based on research findings and will pivot a project when necessary.


A Day in the Life